Jul 18, 2022

5 must-have amenities in modern apartment buildings

Hearts are closest to home. Happiness can be greatly increased by living in a comfortable home. It is ranked third, right after being healthy and conscientious. Additionally, a number of significant elements of our environment affect our ability to live in peace. For this reason, when individuals hunt for a place to stay, they always look for a few key modern facilities in apartments.

Price, bedroom count, and whether a pool is included are usually the three main considerations while looking for a new apartment house. However, when millennials leave the family home, there is a tremendous need for so many more amenities, and apartment complexes are responding to the call. In order to outperform the competition nearby, luxury apartment communities are particularly stepping up their efforts to offer the most cutting-edge and imaginative amenities. In this "must-have" era, you must be sure that high-end luxury apartment facilities are worth the cost. They make returning home enjoyable. If your complex has high-end amenities, you don't need to travel far to enjoy your spare time, no matter what you consider your favourite leisure activity to be.

Continue reading for a list of the top five features every apartment should have to give its residents a comfortable place to live.

Stand-by Electricity

Metropolitan cities are experiencing an increasing challenge when it comes to finding adequate space. The distance between two buildings can often be as small as 4 or 5 feet. Having to live in such an apartment can be very frustrating - lack of air, lack of light, lack of privacy - it's enough to drive anyone insane. Make sure flats have enough lung space. This is an absolute necessity, particularly if you reside in a city where power disruptions are often. Most major cities, including Mumbai, have poor power infrastructure, and if you choose an apartment on a higher floor, power outages can significantly disturb your daily life. You should make sure the house you are buying has power backup because some neighbourhoods are prone to power outages. Every time there is a power outage, it will be exceedingly challenging for elderly individuals to navigate the stairs. Consider this before selecting an apartment, and make sure there is a power backup available to run the elevators and the lighting in your unit and in public areas. At Transon, all of our residential and commercial buildings have power backup to ensure a 24x7 power supply.

Extensive fitness facilities

In the past fifteen years, you might designate a tiny room as your resident exercise centre by placing a treadmill and an elliptical machine inside. As time goes on, modern people are getting more and more concerned with their health. They frequently set aside a special time of day just for exercising. If you are a fitness freak, you should go for an apartment with a gym facility.  However, nowadays, people expect more from their fitness centres because healthy living is in. Consider holding exercise programs, constructing a yoga studio, or introducing other distinctive amenities to satisfy their desires. Your neighbours will be grateful.


High-rise apartments are widespread in cities due to the lack of available space. Lifts are a requirement in apartment buildings. Many of the elderly people around here have weak knees and find it difficult to climb stairs. And if your apartment is on the top floor, this can certainly pose a health risk to most people. Make sure there are multiple lifts in a sizable apartment complex and that there is power backup. An elevator facility always improves the inhabitants' quality of life and facilitates their daily routines.

Security services

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any moment. We are unable to predict the future course of any bad events. However, by adopting the necessary safety measures, we can avoid serious damage. Every apartment building must have some form of basic security. An unprotected apartment building is a poor investment, regardless of whether there are 24-hour security guards on duty or automated security systems. To prevent such accidents, every apartment building should have a fire alarm and an escape path. When searching for an apartment, this should be your top consideration. All of our apartments at Transcon have proper security amenities to ensure the safety of residents.

Sporting amenities

 Sporting amenities are a must-have high-end apartment amenity. The vast majority of luxury flats in the city (and on the outskirts) provide their residents with a variety of amenities relating to sports. Residents can foster a sense of community by playing pick-up basketball or tennis. Your residents will appreciate having access to sports amenities like tennis or basketball courts, whether they host guests or arrange a game with their neighbours. Modern swimming pools are being built inside every gated community to keep residents cool on hot days. In addition to swimming, there are also basketball courts, tennis courts, cricket fields, and squash courts available. For the benefit and safety of the residents, these amenities also offer coaching classes, which are frequently under the supervision of expert professionals. We at Transcon have sporting amenities in all our residential apartments in Mumbai.

As you can see from our list, there are many luxurious apartment house amenities that are as unique and innovative as the inhabitants who require them. When choosing your future home, there is no longer just room size and budget to take into account. What products do you consider essential? A happy experience as a homeowner can be greatly enhanced by these fundamental conveniences. Undoubtedly, there are many options.

Making sure all these amenities are available will make it simpler for you to find and purchase your dream home. The cutting-edge lifestyle that is here to stay is residing in a gated community, whether you are a bachelor or part of a big family. When you are looking for a luxury apartment complex the next time, look for a luxury resort rather than just a shoebox. Contact us to find your dream home with high-end amenities.