Transcon Group

About us
Inspired by Dreams Driven to Make It Happen
At Transcon, our passion is to create landmarks that meet global standards, epitomise luxury, and are built on a legacy of trust spanning more than 3 decades. We are guided by our vision of ‘Transforming the Art of Living’ and the focal point is to accommodate a new generation’s comfortable lifestyle with supreme materials, design, modern-day amenities and seamless connectivity to enrich lives.

We, at Transcon, practise sustainability within our workforce and via our work. We reduce our carbon footprint by employing sustainable building materials and encourage the use of natural resources such as natural light, recycling in our designs.
why choose us
With decades of experience, knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, and practicality, our projects evolve from a vision to luxurious edifices.
With seamless and modern construction, we aim to reinvent processes using innovative technology to support excellent services.
High-quality services
With a deep understanding of consumer needs and demands, we have been able to deliver homes and offices that cater to every consumer segment.
True passion
Our proficiency in creating these extravagant homes comes from the fact that the Transcon Family consists of zealous, innovative and creative minds.