About us
Conscious homes
Transcon builds homes by undertaking sustainability actions for a better tomorrow. Sustainability, energy-saving and the development of green buildings are significant components of our work. Our facilities can have a significant impact on the environment, economy, health and productivity of our communities. Hence, we find purpose in future-proofing buildings by keeping up with the rapidly changing technological advances and optimal conversion of resources to co-create modish, versatile environmentally-friendly homes.
IGBC certification
Most of our buildings have either received a Gold or Platinum rating as they are built considering sustainable energy management, extensive landscaping, lighting optimisation, energy-saving measures, etc.
Sustainable planning
Our sustainability planning begins with site planning to minimise the environmental impact and use of the correct environment-friendly materials.
Water Conservation
In terms of saving water and energy, we have fixed water-efficient plumbing fixtures, wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting facilities, water metering and energy metering.