Aug 16, 2022

How Transcon Is Redefining The Concept Of Conscious Luxury

The concept of 'conscious luxury' did not exist a few years ago, but it has now arrived with a vengeance. So what is all the buzz around this term?

Well, sometimes referred to as ‘conscientious luxury,’ it generally refers to luxury that has a sustainable industrial infrastructure, smart technology, minimal impact on the environment and so on. In short, it’s luxury with an eco-conscience where it is all about people, the planet, and the purity of production.

And one thing is sure it isn’t a fad!

In this day and age of environmental and social responsibility, the concept of luxury has changed. Usually, luxury has long been associated with large sums of money and consumerism. Here’s when the art of conscious luxury comes into the picture. Conscious luxury is a movement that encourages us to reconsider what luxury truly entails. It raises the bar by emphasising quality and environmentally friendly practices. 

At Transcon, we are known for making projects with the theme of conscious luxury at the core.

What could feel better than indulging in a way that benefits both ourselves and the planet? 


How Transcon Is Redefining The Concept Of Conscious Luxury?


  • Amenities 

Transcon’s residential and commercial projects embody global standards in spoiling their customers with luxurious amenities. A gym or fitness centre on-site, a pool, and even a playground or community centre all contribute to residents feeling more at home (and comfortable) in society. Whether it's a shared outdoor grilling area for cookouts, a multi-purpose room for parties and meetings, or a library and media room for studying or working from home, amenities like these truly make living in a building more enjoyable and exquisite.

  • Green Environment 

A few factors that help provide more environmentally friendly homes are lush green landscape, green pockets, tree plantations, gardens and other types of greenery all around the area. In some of our projects, we’ve given a green terrace to the building with plants and trees, making it a pleasant place to sit, walk or meditate, allowing one to immerse in the greens and feel the calmness. Moreover, we not only offer a more “close to nature” vibe but also make the environment fresher and healthy. 

  • Water Conservation 

Water conservation has been one of the most challenging issues worldwide. Taking this into consideration, we strive to play a significant role in stopping further depletion of water. In terms of saving water, we have fixed water-efficient plumbing fixtures, wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting facilities, water metering and energy metering. We monitor wastage and replenish rapidly depleting water levels.

  • Energy Conservation 

We are committed to decarbonizing our operations and products, and we agree with the abate, compensate, and neutralise philosophy that is based on science-based target setting. As an environmentally responsible organisation, we invest in efficiency and conservation initiatives like premium efficiency motors, regenerative drives in elevators, and so on.

  • Waste Management 

We are motivated by the philosophy of reducing, reusing, and recycling, and we have clear policies limiting waste on key construction items. We make a concerted effort to separate and recycle our waste to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. 

Final Thoughts

At Transcon, we believe a spectacular luxury home doesn’t compromise between the overall environment and one’s environs. However, according to us luxurious homes always include sustainable features, meet all green credentials, have smart designs and serve with amenities that keep you at the centre of a life you have dreamt of. Well, that’s exactly what makes them truly luxurious, isn’t it?